Friday, March 6, 2009

Cultured Vegetables

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl:

3 heads of cabbage - shredded
6 carrots - shredded
3 inch of ginger - peeled and chopped
6 cloves of garlic - peeled and chopped

Remove 3 cups of mixture and puree. Add 3 stalks of celery (for natural salt) and 1/2 apple (for natural sugar) and enough water to make think brine.
Dissolve one package of starter culture in 1/4 cup 90 degree water. Let set for 20 min. Add to brine.
Stir into veggies.
Pack mixture down into glass jars. Pack until there is no air left. Fill almost full, but leave about 2 inches of room at the top for veggies to expand.
Roll up several cabbage leaves into a tight "log" and place them on top to fill the remaining 2 in space. Clamp jar closed
Let veggies sit at about 70 degree room temp for at least three days. Refrigerate to slow down fermentation.
These are good for:
1. friendly bacteria helps inner ecosystem
2. Improves digestion
3. increase longevity(help maintain your own enzyme reserve)
4. control cravings
5. ideal for pregnant and nursing women
6. Alkaline and very cleansing


Kelly said...


Kelly said...

hey, since your veggies are cultured now, are you gonna take them to the museum? or perhaps the opera?


Vinda Wagner said...

oh ha! yur SEW funne!! (made me laff!)