Friday, November 20, 2009

Sprouting! SOO easy! SOO cheap!! SOOO good for you!!!!

Day One: Put enough sprouting seeds in a jar just to cover the bottom. Put enough water in the jar to cover the seeds about an inch or two. Place in an area away from direct sunlight. I just put mine on the frig overnight!
Day 2: Rinse the seeds in the am and pm. I have a lid from Whole Foods that is lovely! It has holes in the top that makes it easy to just run water in the top shake it around and rinse then drain. (And it fits wide mouthed mason jars!!)Place a cloth in the bottom of a bowel, for easy drainage. keep away from direct sunlight.

Day 3. Rinse in the am and pm. Here it comes! Day 4: Rinse in the am and pm

Day 5. Almost ready! (rinse in the am and pm)

Ready to eat! AND so good for you! Put them on sandwiches, salads, pizza....anything for an extra "crunch"!!
All those good things for your body packed in a tiny space!!!

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