Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nov 16

yey! Another raw food lunch with mollie! i learned:
~you cant absorb calcium with out vit. d (15 min. of sunshine a day) and stuff and almonds!! seems like i just need to eat greens! ha! my sis brought THE best raw meat balls with bar-b-q sauce. AND key lime pie that passed the kid test!! (they hogged it)!! recipe to follow....i cheated and made a "cooked" dead soup. but it was yummy. found a new website.....
-pumpkin seeds are good for zinc. (only the mailorder kind or make yourself ` stores bake thiers at extreemly high heat...thus "killing" them...
~sprouted sunflower seeds are VERY good according to Deania and Elizabeth. must be grown in dirt and misted with spray bottle....
~mung bean sprouts are good for eyesite...

oh, and my new friend Tawny had a spilada party. i was NOT going to buy anthing becuz i dont DO jewlery....well except ankle braclets in the summer on the boat cuz they make my feet look skinny...derhhhhhhhh...

we got a new monitor, as our old one "burned" out....brad installed it and we could NOT get it to work!! humm maybe it's the mute button......thanks kids, take off the mute button when yer done!!! ................derhhhhhhhhhh again!!!!

good sources of calcium:

Food source Serving size Calcium (mg)
Baked beans, canned 1 cup 28

Black turtle beans 1 cup 103
French beans cup, boiled 111
Great Northern beans cup, boiled 121
Navy beans cup, boiled 128
ReFried Beans canned 1cup 188
White beans cup, boiled 161
white beans small cup, boiled 131
Yellow beans cup, boiled 110

Almonds 24(dried) 75

Carob flour 1cup 359

Figs, dried 10figs 269
hummus 1cup 125
kelp raw 3.5 oz 168
Laver (nori), raw 3.5 oz 70

Okra half cup 50
papaya raw 1 med 72

Navel orange 1 medium 56 mg
Orange 1 medium 52 mg


Kelly said...

1. want meatball and KL pie recipes.

2. skinny feet? who the heck cares if your feet look skinny? you are so WEIRD!

3. i like silpada's earrings. have a few pair, but they are exPENsive.

4. mute button....ha!!! also, turn down the volume. i hate when the volume is up, a message comes in, your computer goes "BBAAAALIIINNGGG" real loud, and scares the poop outta ya. that's the worst. well, maybe buying a whole new monitor is worse. but still, it's pretty bad.

5. have i mentioned that i hate having to type in those dumb letters to post comments?

6. well, i do.

7. i can barely read them most of the time, or type them wrong and have to retype them. like doing it once isn't annoying enuf.

8. i am lazy. that's the real reason. i just want to hit 'publish your comment' and be done with it.

9. oh yeah, i just remembered that you left me a message somewhere to call you about t-giving plans. i will. just not this very minute. i'm busy typing.

10. no wonder we're friends.


vin said...

you are HA-LAR=IOUS!!!HOW do i get rid of that varivacation thingy...i need to figure this thing out! argh

Kelly said...

1. dashboard
2. settings
4. 'show word verification for comments?'
5. switch answer to 'no'
6. that's it
7. kelly is happy
8. do it!

(this one is cdkyhr)