Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Mollie told me today how GOOD dandelion leaves are for us!! huge amount of minerals. That's why we have them in the spring....that and stuff like cilantro! for detox and cleansing purposes!! very informative. (just make sure they are washed really good AND haven't been chemically treated in any way!)

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Farmer's Wife said...

Hi Vinda, You left a comment on my sprouts post at Country Kitchen No, I am not really into eating raw although we do strive to eat as healthy as we can.

I think I got my sprouting lids on Azure Standard, a healthy food co-op that has a route through our area but I looked for them on their site and didn't see any so I would try your health food store and see if they have some. Good Luck and Thanks for the comment!